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January 25, 2016 at 12:00 pm EDT
Zico Drops TWO Music Videos in One Day! -- Watch Them Both Now

Zico releases "I Am You You Are Me" and also partners up with f(x)'s Luna for "It Was Love" »

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Boy band leader and Show Me the Money judge does a solitary shoot and interview for popular idol magazine »

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Despite reports suggesting he might lost his job after being involved in a drunk-driving car accident, the rapper will not be leaving the show »

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The 22-year-old rapper was involved in a car accident caused by drunk driving but was not at the wheel »

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The up and coming R&B star knocks Girls' Generation off the top spot with a little help from Block B's Zico »

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The girls of SISTAR and Taecyeon's movie news round out today's IdolWow!»