park-si-hoo-files-a-record-76-lawsuits-against-abusive-internet-trolls-20160203-thumb Play button

Actor files record number of lawsuits against online trolls after suffering abuse for several years »

sistars-dasom-reveals-hateful-instagram-comments-threatens-legal-action-20160126-thumb Play button

Idol reveals her shocking six-year struggle with hateful messages from internet trolls »

tao-sues-sm-entertainment-using-kris-and-luhans-lawyer-20150824-thumb Play button
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August 25, 2015 at 8:30 am EDT
Tao Sues SM Entertainment Using Kris, Luhan's Lawyer

Former EXO-M lead rapper files lawsuit against agency using same legal team used by former Chinese bandmates »

several-of-leeteuks-cyber-bullies-have-been-caught-by-police-20150814-thumb Play button
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August 14, 2015 at 11:00 pm EDT
Several of Leeteuk's Cyber Bullies Have Been Caught by Police

Super Junior star announces police captured of several of his online abusers and sends out a stark warning »

kim-hyun-joong-scandal-gets-worse-domestic-violence-claims-continue-report-20150731-thumb Play button

The SS501 frontman faces shocking new evidence supporting his former girlfriend's domestic violence case against him »

taylor-swift-accused-of-plagiarizing-2ne1-report-20150723-thumb Play button

The singer is accused of plagiarizing 2NE1's MV for "Come Back Home," lifting their concept for her own "Bad Blood" mini-movie over a year later »

block-b-zico-was-not-driving-under-influence-details-20150711-thumb Play button

The 22-year-old rapper was involved in a car accident caused by drunk driving but was not at the wheel »

luhan-denies-baby-rumors-instructs-lawyers-20150709-thumb Play button

The former EXO stars defiantly shoots down claims that he has fathered a child with secret girlfriend from Korea and has his lawyers send out a cease and desist »