ZE:A's Lee Hoo Apologizes for Twitter Breakdown, Resolves Management Issues

September 23, 2014 at 12:00 pm EDT

ZE:A leader Junyoung (aka Lee Hoo) at a Seoul press conference for the group in 2013 Credit: Star Empire

ZE:A leader Junyoung (aka Lee Hoo) at a Seoul press conference for the group in 2013
Credit: Star Empire

After an explosive series of tweets threatening to expose his management's wrongdoings, ZE:A's Lee Hoo has now delivered an apology for his social media breakdown.

It was only two days ago, September 21, that the ZE:A frontman vowed to "trust in God and start war,"promising tears of blood on his agency head, Star Empire CEO Shin Joo Hak. But the grievances — which Junyoung claimed had led him to depression, baldness and a suicide attempts — appears to have already come to an end.

The 25-year-old singer posted an apology on Twitter today, September 23, explaining, "Whatever I posted before, we will keep it to ourselves." He added that tears were exchanged as the dispute — which is believed to be financial — had come to a resolve with the agency manager.

A representative for the company added in a statement, "From now on we shall work together as a team."

Lee's surprise change of heart has led fans to become skeptical about the nature of the resolution and a growing consensus feels that the idol star should take responsibility for his tweets.

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Shin Dae Cheol of iconic rock band Sinawe shared his wisdom on Facebook today, "If you've drawn your swords, you should expect to fight to the death," adding, "The fact that the dispute was resolved in a day means that you gave in. You're still young and inevitably swayed by your emotions, and the opposition is cunning and more than experienced enough to manipulate you with ease. Hence you should send a representative. You should have appointed a lawyer before issuing the problem on social networks."

Tell us: Do you believe the situation has really been resolved?

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