Yoona: "I Was Approached to Work in Adult Entertainment"

January 15, 2013 at 8:00 am EDT

Girls' Generation on the set of HelloCredit:

Girls' Generation on the set of Hello

She may be a baby-faced cutie now, but Girls' Generation's Yoona admits that as a teenager she looked much older than her age.

And while this may be a blessing for getting in to scary films, it also put the singer in some dangerous situations.

At just 15-years-old, Yoona says she was regularly scouted by adult entertainment managers.

"I actually looked a lot older," the 22-year-old admitted on KBS' Hello talk show. "When I was 15, people saw me as a college student.

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"When I walked down the street, waiters working in the adult entertainment businesses would hand me their business cards. I got really scared about it."

The singer made the starting confession  when a audience member on the show complained about being treated as an elementary school kid, despite being 19.

"I had the exact opposite problem," Yoona laughed.

Co-host Kim Tae Gyun asked if the "I Got a Boy" star kept the cards, to which she simply replied with a curt: "No".

Earlier in the episode, the band also discussed their feelings about going makeup free, with Hyoyeon being the only member to admit she felt more comfortable with a full face on.


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