Yoona: "I Couldn't Believe People Said I Was Having PSY Affair"

January 17, 2013 at 5:00 pm EDT

Yoona on a guerilla date in Mapo, Seoul, for Entertainment Weekly on January 12, 2013. Below, laughing about the PSY rumor on  Happy Together 3.Credit: Dispatch Images/KBS2

Yoona filming for Entertainment Relay in Mapo, Seoul on January 12, 2013. Below, laughing about the PSY rumor on Happy Together 3.
Credit: Dispatch Images/KBS2

Last November the (ridiciulous) rumor mill went in to overdrive when internet gossips started a false rumour that Girls' Generation's Yoona was dating married rapped, PSY.

While most dismissed the story, several news outlets around the world (including a major Hong Kong newspaper) picked up the shocking news.

But no one was more shocked than Yoona herself, who barely knows the "Gangnam Style" star.

Speaking about the "affair" for the first time, the 22-year-old shared her disbelieve with guests on Happy Together 3.

"I couldn't believe it," she revealed. "I felt so bad for PSY and his wife. If it was just a regular rumour, I could have handled it, but I was taken aback because the story said he was with me, even though he has a wife and family."

Yoona also explained how the rumour started.

"When I was filming Running Man, someone took a photo of me and [a producer]," she said.

"He supposedly  looked like PSY, because [the gossips] took the photo and made it look like we were dating, but they really don't look alike.

"If I knew his number, I would have sent a text to PSY at the time."

Speaking of the moment she first discovered the rumour had made headlines, she said: "I learned about the news while I was in Japan, and when I came back to Korea there were reporters waiting at the airport."

But, she laughed: "I thought about doing the horse dance [from 'Gangnam Style'] in front of them, but I figured that might make things worse, so I contained myself."


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