Wonder Girls' Yubin: "I Hated My Debut Styling"

April 11, 2013 at 5:00 pm EDT

Wonder Girls' Yubin at the K-Pop Awards in Seoul on February 13, 2013. Below, the group's debut photo shootCredit: Dispatch Images, JYP Entertainment

Yubin at the K-Pop Awards in Seoul on February 13, 2013. Below, the Wonder Girls' "Nobody" concept in 2008
Credit: Dispatch Images, JYP Entertainment

Yubin doesn't think her band's ensembles were always so wonderful.

On a new episode of Seo In Young’s Star Beauty Show, Yubin expresses her dislike of the Wonder Girls' debut styling.
While the singer praises their street-style concept for the more recent "Like This", she feels totally different about their 2007 and 2008 looks for "Nobody" and "Tell Me".

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"It was so difficult trying to resemble an African-American singer from the 60s, which is what we were going for," she says on the April 16 episode. "My features just didn't work with the long eyelashes and heavy makeup."

She laughs: "I don’t look attractive with that retro concept. During 'Tell Me', I was the only Wonder Girl who had to switch to a more contemporary look."

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Yubin is one of the four Wonder Girls' members experimenting with new career choices after band member Sunye got married and pregnant in January. The 24-year-old has shot her first acting role on OCN drama The Virus, where she portrays a sophisticated hacker.

No decision has been made about the future of the group, which is currently on hiatus. "They won't plan their return until Sunye has given birth," a rep for the group has said.

Tell us: Do you think Yubin suited her debut look?


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