Sunye on Wedding: "I'm Worried If I Can Do Well"

January 17, 2013 at 3:00 pm EDT

Yubin and Sunye at the 26 Years premiere in Seoul on November 26, 2012Credit: Dispatch Images

Yenny and Sunye at the 26 Years premiere in Seoul on November 26, 2012
Credit: Dispatch Images

With her wedding later this month, it's no wonder that the nerves are starting to kick in for Wonder Girls' Sunye.

The 23-year-old singer has revealed her secret fears about being a good wife.

During a live chat on Super Junior's Kiss the Radio show, the bride-to-be spoke with bandmates, and stand-in MC's, Yenny and Yubin.

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"I'm marrying earlier than friends who are my age, so I'm worried about if I can do well," she shared during a phone-in agony aunt segment.

Neither of the two MC's realised it was their their bandmate, but gave the caller encouraging words, telling her she would be fine.

"Your situation is really similar to Wonder Girls' Sun," Yubin commented, before busting the singer: "Actually, are you Sun and did you call in with a different voice?"

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After realizing it was a prank, the girls continued to talk about Sunye's preparations for her January 26 wedding to Canadian James Park.

"I have a dress ready," Sunye giggled. "[Everything] hit me when I wore the dress for the first time. I was so thankful for you all coming. I'm happy and nervous as I finish preparing everything."

Yubin said: "Congratualations on becoming a beautiful bride soon. You're going to become a family woman. I hope will always take care of each other. We'll always be supporting you by your side, so please be happy."

It was recently earlier today that Sunye and Park will move to Canada after their honeymoon and the Wonder Girls will go on a break.


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