VIXX Reveal, "We Aren't Allowed Cell Phones"

January 27, 2013 at 11:00 am EDT

You'd be forgiven for thinking VIXX are now living a life of luxury, but the boys admit they're missing one of life's most simplest luxuries - a cell phone.

As part of their strict agency contracts, the six members were asked to go without phones in case they become a "distraction" during their strict schedules.

Ravi, 19, explains: "That's right. We're being analog in this digital world. We have a team phone, and N takes care of it. Since we don't have cell phones, we don't have room to care for other things, including love."

VIXXCredit: Jellyfish Entertainment

Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

Adds, Leo, 22: "Ever since we made our debut, during the eight months of our career we've only been to our practice room and home, except for when we went away during the one vacation we got for Chuseok [Korean Thanksgiving]. I believe we'll have to work harder to reach our goal."

But the band, who released new single "On & On" earlier this month, say the sacrifices are worth it, especially when they have their sights on solo careers.

"Now we're only active as a group, but later on when we become more able and skilled I believe there's a chance we'll promote as solo singers or unit groups," says Ken, 20. "Our agency gives us such opportunities, so I want to work hard and succeed as a vocalist."

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And work hard they have done. "We all worked out [for this comeback," reveals youngest member Hongbin, 19. "[We were] eating only chicken breasts for three months in order to become men.

"Ken hyung [older brother] has become the most handsome. He's lost weight, so his face has become slimmer and though his thighs were really thick before, he's become slimmer. I could see his pants fit him better now [laughs]."

Adds N, 22: "Ken really has become sharper. He used to introduce himself as the 'cute main vocalist', but now he says he′s a 'big man'!"

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