Video: Super Junior-M Returns With Siwon!

January 1, 2013 at 6:00 pm EDT

Siwon and Super Junior M in "Break Down"Credit: SM Entertainment

Siwon and Super Junior M in "Break Down"
Credit: SM Entertainment

Super Junior-M have released the teaser clip for their new single, "Break Down" - and Siwon is back!

After the 25-year-old's brief absence in early promo pics for the music video, the band return as an eight in this 29-second preview.

The boys' impressive dance moves, futuristic studio setting and eye catching ensembles make the clip a must-see. Check out the new hairstyles and colored contact lenses!

Although Siwon appears in the teaser video, a rep for SM Entertainment confirms to IdolWow! that, due to time constraints, he was unable to take part in the dance sequences.

Eunhyuk, 26, has said of the comeback: "This time round we made a lot of effort to give a more manly feel to the performances. All the members seem to be happy with their own image."

Super Junior-M is the unit group that aims to promote the brand in the Chinese market. Zhou Mi, 26, and Henry Lau, 23, joined five original Super Junior members to form the Mando-Pop project.

The full video, and "Break Down" album, will be available in China and Korea on January 7.


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