Video: Nine Muses Strip Down To Hotpants in Single Teaser

January 22, 2013 at 8:30 am EDT

The Nine Muses girls are more playful than ever in "Dolls"Credit: Star Empire Entertainment

The Nine Muses girls are more playful than ever in "Dolls"
Credit: Star Empire Entertainment

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Nine Muses put the tease in teaser today after releasing a first look at their new single "Dolls".

The 35-second clip sees the nine girls in hotpants, showing off their long legs and toned bodies as they roll around on beds with balloons.

"Dolls" is a cuter concept for the group, who debuted with a sexier image, but their giggles and playfulness are sure to still please male fans.

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Member Hyuna, 26, says of their comeback: "We've been working really hard to make this an exciting return. It's going to be a chance for people to see a new image for us."

Nine Muses will make a full return to the stage, and charts, on January 24.

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