Girl's Day Heckled on Red Carpet at Gaon Awards: See the Shocking Video

January 30, 2015 at 10:00 am EDT

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So not cool. Girl’s Day were heckled and harassed by a group of anti-fans during their red carpet appearance at the Gaon K-Pop Awards.

A video taken at the ceremony opening which took place at the Olympic Park venue in Seoul showed the moment Sojin, Yura and Minah were verbally attacked. Hyeri was already backstage.

The majority of the abusive comments appear to be aimed at Sojin by angry EXO fans, after she was recently rumored to be dating EXO-K's D.O. (Reps for both camps have remained tight-lipped on the subject).

At one point in the the video below, one angry female is clearly heard shouting "F-----g b---h!" at 28-year-old Sojin. Another says, "How could you?!", seemingly referring to her alleged romance with D.O.

Girls' Day on the red carpet at the Gaon K-pop Music Awards on January 28 in Seoul Credit: Osen

Girl's Day on the red carpet at the Gaon K-pop Music Awards on January 28 in Seoul
Credit: Osen

After being heckled and sworn at, the Girl's Day members were then forced to continue with their work, posing for photographers who were eager to catch a look at the pretty group.

Despite the sour incident, a source close to the group tells IdolWow! that they took the situation in their stride. "It was very loud but the members could hear some of the things that were being shouted," says the source. "It turned a fun red carpet moment into something very unpleasant."

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Adds the insider, "Fortunately Girl's Day are strong. This didn’t ruin their evening."

Nevertheless, after a constant stream of online abuse from angry EXO fans for the past three weeks, Sojin's Instagram account remains private and without a profile picture.

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