Gayoon Barn Dances, Plays Banjo in Teaser for 2Yoon's "24/7": Video

January 11, 2013 at 5:00 pm EDT

Gayoon in the first 2Yoon teaser videoCredit:

Gayoon in the first 2Yoon teaser video
Credit: Cube Entertainment

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After keeping fans on their toes all week, 2Yoon have finally released the first look at their debut video.

The duo, a 4Minute sub-unit, are the first country pop act in K-pop history, and the 30-second teaser gives a small preview of what to expect.

In the clip, which centres around member Gayoon, the girls can be seen sitting around a camp fire, playing the guitar.

PHOTO: First Look at 4Minute Sub-Unit Group, 2Yoon

With a barn, cute chicks, hay bales and a banjo playing, they seem to be hitting the country nail on the head with this image.

Yesterday the duo released a video many thought would be a genuine look at the title track for their "Harvest Moon" album, but the clip turned out to be comedian Jung Hyung Don riding a mechanical bull.

"24/7" will be released on January 17. Before then, look out for 22-year-old Jiyoon's teaser video, out some time next week.

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