Tiffany "Fans" Attack 2PM's Nickhun Over a HAT Selfie

January 12, 2015 at 10:00 am EDT

So much for the support. 2PM’s Nickhun found himself at the center of a troll spamming session on social media after Girls' Generation partner Tiffany gave him a subtle shout out -- via a hat.

On January 8, 25-year-old Tiffany uploaded two selfies on her Instagram account, posing in a red Mickey Mouse embroidered beanie. The posts were directed at her 26-year-old 2PM boyfriend, whose favorite color is red and cartoon character is Mickey.

But despite the sweet gesture, the "Go Crazy" singer's girlfriend’s posts drew in a mass of hate-fuelled tweets against him from anti-fans on Twitter, with some comments going as far as threatening death. Wrote one troll, "i wish you would die soon! [sic]". Added another, "you don't deserv such a girl like queen tiffany [sic]."

So upset with the negative attention, Nickhun began blocking the abusive tweeters from his account, before cheekily posting a meme-like photo of bandmate Taecyeon wearing headphones that read, "KEEP TALKIN BITCH CAUSE I AINT LISTENING [sic]."

But it wasn’t all flaming though, thousands fans of both showed support for the pair’s relationship and defended both idol stars, even reporting the hateful comments to Twitter.

He followed up with, "My fans and followers! I'm perfectly happy and fine! So no need to go head on with those who say otherwise. Let's keep our manners. = ]"

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The K-pop power couple have been dating for over two years and it seems clear and it's going to take a little more than some social media hate to tear them apart!

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