Super Junior, 2NE1, Lee Byung Hun, More Walk The Berlin File Red Carpet

January 24, 2013 at 11:00 am EDT

The stars were out in full force at the Seoul premiere of The Berlin File last night.

Super Junior, 2NE1, Lee Byung Hun, Hung Woo Sun and many more walked the red carpet for the glittering event, which attracted over 2,000 fans to the CGV Yeongdeungpo venue in Seoul.

The film's main actor Ha Jung Woo told carpet MC Kim Tae Jin: "I believe this is the most exciting and fun moment for an actor who has just finished shooting his film. I'm very thankful so many people have been showing their support."

Lee Byung Hun. Left, 2NE1's Dara, Park Bom and Minzy.Credit: Dispatch Images

Lee Byung Hun. Right, 2NE1's Dara, Park Bom and Minzy.
Credit: Dispatch Images

Co-star Han Seok Kyu added: "In 1998, when the film Swiri remiered, I toured the nation with 50 rolls of film. Now, movies can premiere in 800 screens at the most. This means that Korean films have become grander in scale, and I'm thankful that so many people have shown their love for Korean films."

Super Junior's Siwon, who walked the carpet with bandmates Kangin and Donghae, said: "I came here thanks to the invitation of [the film's] Ryu Seung Beom and Ha Jung Woo hyungmin [big brother]."

Son Dam Bi. Left, Super Junior's Siwon, Donghae and KanginCredit: Dispatch Images

Son Dam Bi. Right, Super Junior's Siwon, Donghae and Kangin
Credit: Dispatch Images

2NE1 members Minzy, Dara and Park Bom strutted the carpet in outfits by Balenciaga and Balmain. Minzy told reporters: "It's very exciting to be here and to support such a great film. We're happy to have been invited."

Before going in to the screening, director Ryu Seung Wan played it cool when asked about his hopes for the film. "It's not very good to have high expectations... however It′s a film in which great actors put on some great acting. It will be better if you enjoy how the actors put on their acting."

Featured director Ryu Seung Wan as well as the film's leads Ha Jung Woo, Han Seok Gyu, Jun Ji Hyun and Ryu Seung BumCredit: Dispatch Images

Featured director Ryu Seung Wan and film's leads Ha Jung Woo, Han Seok Gyu, Jun Ji Hyun, Ryu Seung Bum
Credit: Dispatch Images

Son Dam Bi was one of the latest to arrived, just after Shinhwa's Andy and Min Woo, but told journalists: "What a spectacular evening. I didn't expect it to be so big. This is so impressive!"

Actor Jung Woo Sung was also surprised by the huge turnout: "I came with an invite from director Ryu Seung Wan. The preview seems as grand as the reviews and expectations for the film."

Shinhwa's Andy and Min Woo. Right, Kang SoraCredit: Dispatch Images

Shinhwa's Andy and Min Woo. Right, Kang Sora
Credit: Dispatch Images

Also in attendance were  Go So YoungLee Jung JaeHwang Jung Min, director Kim Hyun SukPark Sung WoongSong Ji HyoMa Dong Seok, director Lee Hyeon SeungCrying NutJang GwangLee Chae YoungRoy Kim, Jung Joon YoungPark Yoo HwanPark Chul MinLee Gun Joo, HelloVenus, NU′EST, Kang SoraSeo Ji SeokJung Yu Mi, director Min Gyu Dong and Jung Kyung Ho.


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