Sunye and Sohee Confirm They Will Never Return to Wonder Girls

July 21, 2015 at 10:00 am EDT

To most fans, it was already pretty obvious, but Sunye and Sohee of iconic girl group Wonder Girls have confirmed they are no longer part of the group.

The band’s managing agency JYP Entertainment released a statement saying, “Sunye and Sohee are officially disbanding from Wonder Girls.”

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In tandem with their exits, the two girl group divas released lengthy personal letters to their supporters conveying their lasting sentiments as they embark on new journeys.

In an expansive goodbye letter, 25-year-old Min Sunye -- who is now living Canada with her husband James Park and child Park Eunyoo -- offered comments such as, "When I look back over the eight-plus years we have walked together I have nothing but gratitude to offer."

With the group's comeback in August, Sohee and Sunye set the record straight about no longer being part of the group

With the group's comeback in August, Sohee and Sunye set the record straight about no longer being part of the group

She continued, "Please look forward to and show support for each member of the now more mature, greater Wonder Girls who will soon present themselves before you following three years of blood, sweat and tears in preparation. I myself will do my best as a mother and as wife."

The group’s former youngest member Ahn Sohee, 23, spoke about her decision in moving to acting in her letter, "I went over it in my head so many times, and discussed extensively with the other members."

"While I have some way to go before calling myself an actress, the reason I strive to be both a singer and actress is because I came to a decision that someone from the Wonder Girls could just be both. I will do my best to not disappoint you as actress Ahn Sohee."

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With Sunye focusing on home life and Sohee trying her luck as a thespian, Wonder Girls are down two, but have gained one, as former member Sunmi, 23, who left the group in 2010 to pursue studies as well as her solo career, has now rejoined the group.

The Wonder Girls, now at a headcount of four, will be making their comeback in August with a new look and new sound.

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