Son Dam Bi Shares Extremely Skinny Instagram Photo

January 8, 2015 at 11:00 am EDT

Disappearing act! After following a super strict diet regime of just one main meal a day, there's a lot less to see of Son Dam Bi these days.

In her latest Instagram post, the 31-year-old pop star sports a form-fitting little black dress that shows off her extremely skinny physique after losing 7kg (15.5 pounds) from her already small frame.

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Captioned alongside the photo, the 5-foot-6 star wrote, "Having not exercised in a long time I knocked out after the workout.. I just woke up.. when shall I sleep? I suppose I should exercise regularly."

The "Queen" singer's waif-like skinny proportions don’t come as a surprise after Son --  who currently appears on KBS 2TV's What's With This Family -- recently admitted to eating just one meal per day in order to boost her acting and commercial work.

But despite appearing proud of her weight loss, many fans are saying she has lost too much weight, with fans on her Instagram account speaking up. "She needs help she looks like she might faint in any moment," wrote one. While another pleaded, "it's because of ppl like son dambi that anorexia's getting so frequent nowadays [sic]."

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Some of her 80,000 followers, however, disagree. "So beautiful!" wrote one. "Shut up with the hate!"

Tell us: Do you think Son Dam Bi has taken her weight loss too far?

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