Sisters Jessica and Krystal Pose in Sweet Shoot

January 7, 2013 at 9:00 am EDT

Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but sisterhood is for life.

Sisters Jessica and Krystal have shared their close bond in a new photo shoot for jewellery brand Stonehenge.

The Girls' Generation singer and her younger f(x) sibling posed for chic black and white photos as part the brand's new "Beautiful Moment" concept.

The chic pictorial theme reflects the many emotions that sisters share - from love to envy.

Jessica and KrystalCredit: Stonehenge

Jessica and Krystal
Credit: Stonehenge

While dressing up in bridal wear, Jessica, 23, was asked how she would feel on her own wedding day. "I'm mostly worried about spending more time apart from my younger sister," she said, tearing up at the thought.

But being in the spotlight hasn't changed the way the close California-born sisters interact. Krystal, 18, admits they still fight. "There is a pretty big age gap," she has said. "I was controlled by force when we were younger."

A Stonehenge spokesman says of the photo shoot, which took place on December 3: "They are so close. They knew what each other was thinking just by looking at each other. They took care of each other's hair and makeup."


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