Sistar's Dasom Reveals Abusive Instagram Comments, Threatens Legal Action

January 26, 2016 at 4:00 pm EDT

Suffering in silence no more. Sistar’s Dasom has shocked the media by revealing her struggles over hateful messages aimed at her by internet trolls for the last SIX years.

On Tuesday the 22-year-old girl group idol put her foot down and said enough is enough as she uploaded a malicious message sent to her by a troll on her Instagram account.

Dasom has revealed a six-year struggle with an abusive commenter on her social media pages Credit: Instagram

Dasom has revealed a six-year struggle with an abusive commenters on her social media pages
Credit: Instagram

"Today is my father’s birthday and more so why I cannot tolerate a message like 'You b*tch with dead parents'," wrote the songstress alongside her post, revealing the shocking extent of her abuse. "I’ve been very patient for six years but now it’s just too hard... I feel like dying."

Dasom continued to exchange conversations with her hater in the comments section, offering words like, “How you must have been scarred to send messages like this. I'll pray... for your desolate life."

Sadly, despite her protests, the onslaught of abuse from the troll simply carried on.

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Sistar fans were supportive of Dasom’s cause and urged her to stop suffering and sue, saying, with one writing, "there’s no need to tolerate it"

Now today, January 26, Starship Entertainment have officially announced legal action against the abusers and are currently in talks with the local authorities. Says a rep, "We will spare nothing in our legal action to protect the livelihood and rights of our artist."

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