SISTAR's Dasom Reveals Weight Struggle: "I Spit My Food Out"

June 25, 2013 at 12:00 pm EDT

Dasom performs on M Countdown at the CJ E&M Studios in Mapo, Seoul, on June 20Credit: Jo Seong Jin/Dispatch Images

Dasom performs on M Countdown at the CJ E&M Studios in Mapo, Seoul, on June 20
Credit: Jo Seong Jin/Dispatch Images

Her body is the envy of many, but in a surprising interview the SISTAR idol Dasom has revealed her struggles with weight-loss, admitting that she sometimes spits out her food to stay slim.

The 20-year-old made the startling admission on agony aunt style TV show Hello on Tuesday June 24.

During the show Dasom, who appeared alongside her bandmates, was presented with a male viewers weight problem after living with his girlfriend who insists on eating small meals every 30 minutes.

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In response the "Give it to Me" singer, who currently weighs 99 pounds (45kg) shared her own experiences. "I had a difficult time dieting," she said. "I had an extreme appetite when I weighed 55kg [121 pounds].  I would even eat two portions of noodles with rice!

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"One day during my diet, I had a craving for fried chicken. I ordered it, put it in my mouth just to taste it and then spat it out. I really had to lose weight. I still have that habit."

She continued: "Perhaps because I got into the habit of eating in such small amounts back then, nowadays I can't actually eat that much."

Hyorin added of Dasom's strict dieting ways: "[Dasom] will even write a menu of food she wants to eat [but can't]."

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