SHINee Return as Four-Piece Act with "Why So Serious" Video Teaser

April 22, 2013 at 11:00 am EDT

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SHINee's back... again! Following their February "Dream Girl" promotions, the band are returning to the charts on April 29 with new single, "Why So Serious".

And despite Jonghyun's nose injury, the band went ahead and filmed the new video as a four-piece act, which they previewed today on the official SM Entertainment YouTube channel.

The video for "Why So Serious" promises to be full of exciting dance routinesCredit: SM Entertainment

The video for "Why So Serious" promises to be full of exciting dance routines
Credit: SM Entertainment

In the 32 second teaser clip, members Onew, Key, Minho and Taemin wear stylist leather jackets and chic three-piece suits, proving the boys are becoming men.

This time around, the band claim that album "Why So Serious - The Misconceptions of Me" will reveal their "dream-like identities" for the second chapter in an album series.

But while they are growing up, 19-year-old Taemin, who stars alongside A-Pink's Son Naeun in reality show We Got Married says he unsure about his ideal girl. "Maybe it's because I'm still young, but I don't have an ideal type," he recently told @Star1 magazine. "If I had to describe her, it would be a responsible person."

SHINee  releases the digital version of "Why So Serious" on April 26 and begin promotional activities this weekend.

Tell us: How do you feel about seeing a SHINee video without Jonghyun?

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