See Which Girls' Generation Members Like to Go Makeup Free

January 14, 2013 at 1:30 pm EDT

Girls' Generation on the set of HelloCredit:

Girls' Generation on the set of Hello
Credit: KBS2

Girls' Generation shared some bare-faced facts on KBS' Hello today.

The girls, who were promoting their new album "I Got a Boy", appeared on the show for a candid chat, and opened up about going without makeup.

When asked who looks the most different before and after putting on makeup, every member hesitated to answer.

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"Everyone looks pretty," Jessica, 23 said.

However, it was only Hyoyeon who spoke up and admitted she doesn't like how she looks when makeup-free.

"I like my face best when I'm wearing makeup," the 23-year-old said.

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Host Lee Young Ja said he feels Sunny looks different with and without makeup. But the singer, 23, answered: "I have two concepts: Girls' Generation and [real name] Soon Kyu.

"When I’m Soon Kyu, I brush my hair back and members say that I look like a boy. Even though we live together, they are surprised by how I look."

Tiffany, 23, added: "Since Sunny cut her hair short, she looks more like a boy."

Tell us: Which member do you think rocks the best no makeup look.


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