See Jiyoon Ride a Bull in 2Yoon's Second Adorable Teaser Video

January 14, 2013 at 10:00 am EDT

Jiyoon in the new 2Yoon teaserCredit: Cube Entertainment

Jiyoon in the new 2Yoon teaser
Credit: Cube Entertainment

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Round she goes, do-si-do.

Following Gayoon's super cute teaser on January 11, it's now Jiyoon's turn.

In the short clip, the 22-year-old rides a mechanical bull (with ease, we must say) before getting ready to square-dance in a country barn.

PHOTO: First Look at 4Minute Sub-Unit Group, 2Yoon

It was also announced today that their album, "Harvest Moon", will feature tracks composed by the girls themselves.

"Sse Sse See" was written and co-produced by Jiyoon.

The country-pop 4Minute sub-unit are just days away from the January 17 unveiling of their first single, "24/7".


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