See the Dramatic Teaser for JeA's Debut Single

January 1, 2013 at 2:30 pm EDT

JeA at a Skin79 event in the COEX Mall, Seoul on December 21, 2012Credit: Dispatch Images

JeA at a Skin79 event in the COEX Mall, Seoul on December 21, 2012
Credit: Dispatch Images


Brown Eyed Girls' JeA has released a dramatic new teaser video for her upcoming single, "While You Were Asleep".

The haunting 38-second clip shows JeA sitting in a dimly lit room before cutting to chilling shots flying chairs, and falling piano keys.

The soulful single, which is a departure from Brown Eyed' Girls' pop sound, will follow December's pre-release track "Let's Hug", which featured the vocals of bandmate Jung Yup.

The 31-year-old has been working hard on first album "Just JeA", recently tweeting: "I'm currently working with composer Lee Kyu Hyun. The place where heartfelt songs are being created."

It was also revealed that she has been working with R&B singer, and Halle Berry ex, Eric Benét.

But her solo project doesn't mean the end for the Brown Eyed Girls. Last month they were the first female group to perform an R-rated (over 19) concert in South Korea.

Their agency recently revealed that the sold out event, titled Tonight 37.2 °C, will soon go on the road, with concerts scheduled in Thailand and Hong Kong this year.

Band member Miryo is also currently busy working on solo material, recently tweeting behind the scenes photos from the album shoot.



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