Secret's Zinger Changes Name, Fully Recovered From Car Accident

April 24, 2013 at 12:00 pm EDT

Read for her close-up again: Jung Hana strikes a poseCredit:

Read for her close-up again: Jung Hana (formely Zinger) strikes a pose
Credit: TS Entertainment

Secret's Zinger is outta here! After a car accident saw her off work since last year, the 23 year-old has now fully recovered from her injuries and ready for a fresh start. First change? Her name.

The singer's agency, TS Entertainment, today announced the band member will be going by her birth name, Jung Hana, when she returns with the group for their comeback on April 30. To promote their "Letter From Secret" mini-album, a new teaser photo was also released, showing Jung looking healthy in white shorts and a cute belly-baring top.

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Says a rep: "Jung Hana, who has endured quite a bit during the past year, went on vacation for her recovery. She focused on [Secret's] album production and writing the lyrics for three of the four tracks on the upcoming mini album. She has become a more mature person and musician. [Jung] expressed her wish to start anew."

On December 11 last year Secret's Jang Hana, Hyosung, Jieun and Sunhwa were involved in a near-fatal car accident, which saw the "Poison" singers' minivan hit a guardrail and flip over on Seoul's Olympic Highway. Jung sustained serious injuries, including broken ribs, and had to enter an oriental medicine hospital shortly after the accident before months of physical therapy and treatment. She was originally due to rejoin the band in January however still needed more recovery time.


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