Secret's Jieun: "Hyosung Saved Me From Our Car Accident"

January 22, 2013 at 5:00 pm EDT

Jieun at Incheon International Airport on January 15, 2013. Bottom, on Strong Heart today.Credit: Dispatch Images, KBS

Jieun at Incheon International Airport on January 15, 2013. Bottom, on Strong Heart today.
Credit: Dispatch Images, KBS

Just call her Super-Hyosung.

Secret's Jieun has revealed that member Hyosung saved her from their major car accident last month.

And while Zinger is still recovering from injuries, Ji Eun says she could have ended up a lot worse if it not for her bandmate's quick thinking.

She said of the accident on Strong Heart today: "Usually, everyone would have been sleeping during the drive [home], but we were all excited that day and eating chocolates.

"Everything was happy until we slammed into a guard rail [on the side of the road] and flipped five metres in to a ditch."

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The 22-year-old continued: "When it happened, I blacked out. I woke up because the others were calling my name and I realized I was hanging upside down. My lower body was in the van, and my upper was outside.

"There were shards of glass right next to my face, and I started crying when I saw it. Then Hyosung-unni [big sister] told me firmly, 'Jieun, don't cry! Get a hold of yourself, I'll get you out of here'."

And then the situation got dangerous. She explained: "Someone inside the van started moving and this movement made my face closer to the glass. I yelled out to stop moving, but later I found out that Hyosung-unni's leg was holding me up [from hitting the glass].

"Because of this, she hurt the tendon in her leg. But thanks to her help I was the least injured... I'm really appreciative of her help."


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