Se7en Resurfaces on Army Duty with Huge Rifle Gun: Pictures

April 11, 2013 at 11:03 am EDT

Se7en and his comrades photographed at a training camp on April 4, 2013Credit: District 8 Recruit Training Center

Se7en and his comrades photographed at a training camp on April 4, 2013
Credit: District 8 Recruit Training Center

Private Se7en reporting for duty! Having kept a low profile since enlisting for mandatory military service on March 19, the 28-year-old has given a glimpse in to his life as a soldier.

In photos released by Korea's District 8 Recruit Training Center, Se7en, real name Choi Dong Wook, is seen posing with his fellow comrades in his army combat uniform and protective helmet. His squadron "lieutenant" badge and large large rifle gun is visible in both shots.

Photos: Se7en Shaves Head Before Starting Military Service

The "When I Can't Sing" star, who is currently based at the 306 Reserve in Korea's Geyeonggi province, recently spoke about enlisting at at an older age. "I apologize for enlisting later in life," he said. "[But] I will be the best soldier and return to you. I'm leaving my colleagues and fans and I will miss them tremendously."

Se7en completes his basic training at the end of April and he will serve the remainder of the 21 months at a new base as an active duty soldier.

All young South Korean men are required to train in the military after they turn 20, however due to career commitments, and his 12-year-strong relationship with actress Park Han Byul, he chose to wait.

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