Punished Rain Requests Transfer To Army Front Line

January 15, 2013 at 10:00 am EDT

RainCredit: Dispatch Images

Rain in his first month of military service, October 11. Bottom, Rain after a date with Kim Tae Hee in Gangnam Seoul, November 2012.
Credit: Dispatch Images

After receiving light disciplinary action for visiting girlfriend Kim Tae Hee during military hours, Rain has formally requested a transfer to the front line.

The singer, who has been on mandatory military duty since October 2011, filed a request with the Defense Media Agency (DEMA) to transfer his position back to a regular soldier.

A DEMA spokesman confirms that the 30-year-old has asked to be reassigned to the front lines of Korea, close to the dangerous North and South Korea border.

"We have received the request but no decision will be made until all formal paper work is completed," the rep says.

Rain was originally enlisted as an entertainment soldier, which meant he was able receive extra leave for performances and recording music. It was in this role that he was caught abusing the extra freedom to visit Kim, 32.

On January 8 it was announced that the "Rainism" star was put on a seven day probationary period, confined to his army base in Uijeongbu, north of Seoul.

A source tells IdolWow!: "He has apologised to anyone affected by this incident and for causing grief to his peers and seniors at the DEMA. Now he wants to serve the final seven months of his military service with integrity and self-reflection."

Rain will be discharged from all active duties on July 10 this year.


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