PSY Becomes First Korean Star on Italian Men's Vogue Cover

October 8, 2013 at 11:00 am EDT

PSY fronts the October edition of the high fashion magazine Credit: L'Uomo Vogue

PSY fronts the October edition of the high fashion magazine
Credit: L'Uomo Vogue

Gangnam Style indeed. PSY has become the first ever Korean star to grace the cover of Italian men's fashion bible, L'Uomo Vogue.

Not content with making history as the most-watched YouTube star ever, the 35-year-old has landed 10-page editorial feature in magazine's October edition. For the shoot, he worked with renowned fashion editor Rushka Bergman, who has also worked with the likes of Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. Famous photographer Francesco Carrozzini, took the images of the "Gangnam Style" artist.

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The cover -- which is on stands this week -- is yet another milestone for the rapper. He tells the magazine of his success: "After 'Gentleman' was out, I was really satisfied with what it had done, because it proved that I was not a one hit wonder, a lucky shot. Nobody can ever label me that now."

He continued: "Now I can really do what I have to do, comfortably. I don't have to make another dancing phenomenon, I am just going back to where I came from and it’s really comfortable right now."

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And he admits that he's proud to be representing Korean culture on an international scale. "I work with a group of Korean stylists and choreographers," he revealed. "My team is all Koreans. I have been doing this job for twelve years and when we are making songs, videos, choreographs or concerts, you cannot be perfect all the time, but if everything goes well, then it’s really good."

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