Photos: Infinite H Talk Crushes, Dating in Stylish Shoot

January 24, 2013 at 3:00 pm EDT

With a sweet hip-hop track in the charts about crushes, you'd think Infinite H were professionals when it comes to  love, but the boys admit they're anything but.

In an interview with fashion magazine CeCi, Dongwoo and Hoya admit to being single and having little dating experience.

Single: Hoya and Dongwoo Credit: CeCi Korea

Single: Hoya and Dongwoo
Credit: CeCi Korea

Hoya, 21, reveals in the February issue: "We he haven't dated in a while. It's impossible to do that. Our schedules are so busy.

"Since it's been a while, we're relieving our stress through singing and rapping."

Dongwoo, 22, says of their single, "Special Girl": "It’s a song that many men who hesitate in confessing to a girl, can relate to. I think most men can related to that, including us."

The Infinite H boys shared their unique style in the February pictorialCredit: CeCi Korea

The Infinite H boys shared their unique style in the February pictorial
Credit: CeCi Korea

During the shoot, which sees the INFINITE sub-unit in clothes by the likes of Cheap Monday, Galliano, Moschino, Kenzo and MACMOC, they also spoke about the difference between life as a duo and in a group.

For one thing, schedules end sooner," Hoya explains. "Because we split the work in half, the responsibilities are greater.

"When there are seven of us, it's complete chaos, but with just the two of us, we're a lot calmer and slower with things."

But when asked which other members should form a sub-unit, the singer thinks one is enough.

"I think we should stop here with the unit groups," he laughs. "Honestly, I’m anticipating the other members' solo careers, like Sunggu. And especially Woohyun! SungyeolL and Sungjong seem to fit as soloists more than being paired with another member."


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