Photos: 2Yoon Dress Up in Quirky Fashion, Boys Clothes

January 22, 2013 at 4:00 pm EDT

Not content with bringing a new genre of music to the K-pop charts, 2Yoon are now flipping the fashion script, too.

The country-pop cuties posed in a super quirky shoot for the February edition of women's fashion magazine, CeCi.

2Yoon in their February pictorialCredit: CeCi Korea

2Yoon in their February pictorial
Credit: CeCi Korea

Gayoon and Jiyoon, who are originally 4Minute members, posed alongside each other for the unique editorial, both showing off their slender frames in different styles.

A source on the shoot says: "Jiyoon impressed everyone with her versatility. She was able to be pretty and feminine but also display a boyish charm.

"Everyone was impressed with them on the day."

Gayoon, right, and JiyoonCredit: CeCi Korea

Gayoon, right, and Jiyoon
Credit: CeCi Korea

The girls are currently in the middle of promotions for their debut mini album "Harvest Moon".

Earlier this week the duo were praised by US music bible, Spin, writing of their single "24/7": "Taylor Swift is probably regretting right now The Disney-like innocent country sound that she missed was taken by 2Yoon."


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