PHOTO: Song Il Guk's Super Cute Triplets!

December 29, 2012 at 4:30 pm EDT

Inset: Song Il Guk

Inset: Song Il Guk

Greetings from not one, two, but three baby Santas!

Actor Song Il Guk, 41, sent out the cutest of greetings cards to friends and staff at his agency this holiday season.

The adorable card, which Song designed himself, shows the three chubby tots, who were born in March, dressed up in festive red outfits.

"The year of 2012 when I met my three sons whom I love, Dae Han, Min Koon and Mae Sae, is passing by," he writes. "These kids were able to grow up healthy and happy because of you all. I will live giving it my all even more so from now on."

Song, who is best known for his roles in historical dramas Jumong and Emperor of the Sea, is happily married to Jung Seung Yeon, who gave birth to the triplets on March 16, 2012. When combined, their children's unique names form the sentence "hooray for Korea".

Earlier this year Song shared how difficult it was for his wife to carry three babies, and the terrifying sacrifice they almost had to face.

"The mother’s burden of having triplets was beyond imagination," he said. "The total weight of the triplets in the womb was no more than 6 kilograms [13 pounds]. It was a situation where we almost had to give give up on one of the triplets."

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