Photos: Jaejoong Rehearses For Asia Tour With Band

January 24, 2013 at 10:00 am EDT

As the start of his solo tour nears, Jaejoong is in full rehearsal mode.

The JYJ star, who released his debut solo album "Mine" earlier this month, released photos of his practice sessions alongside a full band.

Dressed casually in black t-shirt and loose grey hooded cardigan, the 26-year-old looks deep in thought as he runs through his vocals.

Jaejoong has been busy in rehearsalsCredit: CJeS Entertainment

Jaejoong has been busy in rehearsals
Credit: CJeS Entertainment

A rep at CJeS Entertainment says: "Jaejoong has been practicing with his rock band for his live performance. Since his album mostly contains rock, he has decided to go onstage with a live band in the third part of his concert.

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"The concert will act as a bridge between him and his fans as well as being a fully-fledged concert. "

Adds a band source: "The rock band will play at a lower volume so not to overpower Jaejoong's vocals. We took great care to find the perfect guitar to bring the authentic sound in "Mine" and "One Kiss" to life.

The band and Jaejoong work hard togetherCredit: CJeS Entertainment

The band and Jaejoong work hard together
Credit: CJeS Entertainment

"His rock vocals are surprising. It's his first practice but we've made so much progress because he understands his music so well. His skills are beyond expectation, and prove he's certainly an artist who has held many live concerts in Japan."

The source continues: "Jaejoong is very popular among staff. He has great skills, is modest and is humorous. The first practice session took place in a warm environment."

Jaejoong’s Your, My, Mine tour will kick off in South Korea on January 26 - 27 at the Gyeonggido Ilsan Kintex, and soon afterwards, before touring the rest of Asia (including Thailand on February 17).


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