PHOTO: First Look at 4Minute Sub-Unit Group, 2Yoon

January 9, 2013 at 10:30 am EDT

Gayoon and Jiyoon as 2YoonCredit: Cube Entertainment

Gayoon and Jiyoon as 2Yoon
Credit: Cube Entertainment

K-pop goes country and western!

The first photos of 4Minute members Gayoon and Jiyoon in their sub-unit, 2Yoon, were released today.

And defying all K-pop expectations, a spokesman for the duo, who are both 22, confirms that they will be singing to the sounds of "country pop" music.

The group's album, "Harvest Moon", will be released on January 17 alongside a new music video featuring comedian Jung Hyung Don.

"Although it's the first time for this genre in Korea, we think it will be popular with listeners," says a rep at Cube Entertainment.

Tell us: Do you think 2Yoon will be more Taylor Swift or Dolly Parton?


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