2PM's Chansung Bares Sexy Six-Pack Abs: Photos

January 7, 2013 at 8:00 pm EDT

Put your "Hands Up" if you want to see more of this 2PM hunk.

Singer and actor Chansung showed no signs of being shy on the set of his upcoming drama series, 7th Grade Civil Servant: My Girlfriend is an Agent.

The 22-year-old filmed a gruelling workout scene at a Seoul gym for the romantic comedy and happily pulled up his vest to reveal his washboard stomach and toned physique.

2PM's Chansung on set in SeoulCredit: MBC

2PM's Chansung on set in Seoul
Credit: MBC

And Chansung, who plays cold-blooded special agent Ko Dong Ha in the series (note the fake bullet scar on his stomach!), proved to staff that his boxing-bag skills were good enough to keep up with the best.

"Chansung definitely has the talent to go head-to-head with professional boxers," a set source reveals. "His look had this intense gaze which made filming a breeze."

Adds a second staffer: "People usually get really tired after working out for a long time, but Chansung kept his energy levels up from beginning until the end. Everyone was really surprised by his enthusiasm.

"[In the show] he will be showing his strong self, and will also show his maturing emotive side."

In XXXXXX, Chansung plays a "cold-hearted special agent"Credit: MBC

In 7th Grade Civil Servant, Chansung plays a "cold-hearted special agent"
Credit: MBC

So how does the Seoul-born hunk keep in shape? JYP trainer Coach Hwang has said of his body: "This is 100% effort. His muscles aren't naturally [like this]. In other words, his body doesn't easily show the results of working out. [Bandmate] Taecyeon lifting a dumbbell once has a similar effect to Chansung lifting a dumbbell 20 times.

"The harder it is to see the efforts, the easier it is to give up, but Chansung fills up that gap with his effort."

And gives a very good excuse for tuning in to MBC when the new show, which also stars Joo Won, Choi Kang Hee and Kim Min Seo, starts on January 23.


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