It's Official! CL Signs with Scooter Braun for US Debut

November 12, 2014 at 6:00 am EDT

Asia's 'baddest female' is going Stateside! 2NE1's CL has just signed a lucrative contract with eminent US talent manager Scooter Braun in preparation for her US debut.

Scooter Braun — who also manages Justin Bieber and fellow K-pop icon PSY — shared a photo of himself with the 23-year-old rapper as they sign official papers.

The Instagram post, shared on Tuesday night, November 11, r ead: "It's go time @chaelincl :) #official #baddestfemaleofasia #worldwide #musiciscrazy!"

CL's preparations for a solo album release in 2015 were first revealed by agency YG Entertainment last month. In previous interviews the superstar diva has mentioned that she wants to "represent Asian women," around the work as well as break the typical shy and calm Asian female stereotype abroad.

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Meanwhile, CL's Instagram page recently shows her currently enjoying all that life has to offer on an exotic location (perhaps in the US) beside an ultra blue pool and lush palm trees. Life is good!

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