Noh Hong Chul Blood Test Results Confirms He Was Above Legal Driving Limit

November 14, 2014 at 7:00 pm EDT

Noh Hong Chul talks into a mic during a press chat for Infinite Challenge in 2014 Credit: MBC

Noh Hong Chul talks into a mic during a press chat for Infinite Challenge in 2014
Credit: MBC

Perhaps take a bus next time. Blood alcohol tests confirm that comedian Noh Hong Chul was driving above the legal limit when he was stopped by police last week.

On Friday, November 14, a representative from Gangnam Police Station reported to media outlets, "The National Forensic Service sent in Noh Hong Chul's blood test results this morning… his blood alcohol content was above 0.1%"

According to Korean national law, driving with a blood alcohol level about .05% is legally considered driving while intoxicated, although those above .035% are also punishable by law. Under 0.1% usually results in license suspension. However, if one is caught driving with a blood alcohol content between 0.1% and 0.19%, their license will be revoked.

Police confirm that the Infinite Challenge star was driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.15% when he was pulled over in the early hours of November 8 meaning his license will likely be revoked.

Noh's agency says the entertainer was simply moving his car to a new parking sport when he was caught, but police also revealed he was seen turning right onto a small street when he was pulled over.

After confirming the TV host was indeed driving drunk, a police rep stated, "Noh Hong Chul will be called in for investigation next week... We will be asking why he was drinking, what he was drinking, and what distance he had driven before he was caught."

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Meanwhile, the comedian has stepped down from all of his television program activities, including Infinite Challenge and I Live Alone following the incident.

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