Newly Engaged Lee Min Jung Reveals Lee Byung Hun Hasn't Propsed Yet

June 6, 2013 at 4:00 pm EDT

Lee Min Jung at a press conference for SBS drama All My Love on April 2.Credit: Song Hyo Jin/Dispatch Images

Lee Min Jung at a press conference for SBS drama All My Love on April 2.
Credit: Song Hyo Jin/Dispatch Images

The hotel is booked, the wedding date is set and the couple are ready to commit - the only thing missing is the formal proposal.

Although Lee Byung Hun announced his engagement to Lee Min Jung on Wednesday June 5, the bride-to-be has admitted the 42-year-old actor is yet pop the question face-to-face.

In an interview with Korea's Sports Seoul newspaper, the 31-year-old actress reveals their engagement has been far from traditional.

"[He hasn't proposed formally] yet," she says. "I was busy filming for All About My Romance and he was busy with filming overseas. It was the longest we have been apart since we started dating. Honestly, we haven't seen each other for a few months. We had no time for wedding preparations either."

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And while the August 10 ceremony is just a few months away, she admits they have made few plans for the big day. "Nothing is done yet," she laughed  "We decided to make the wedding as simple and small as possible.

"Usually, brides-to-be pick out the beauty shop, wedding dress and wedding photos. But since we already have a few partners in those industries, it'll take less time to plan. I am planning on asking a lot of people around me. We haven't started anything with our home yet [either]."

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Lee also admits that the couple have been so busy they even missed each other when visiting Japan at the same time!

"We only spoke on the phone," she admits. "[He] stayed in the southern part of Japan and I stayed in the eastern part so we couldn't meet."

Despite their unusual circumstances, Lee Byung Hun, who recently stared in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, says he is clear on one thing - spending the rest of their lives together. He posted on his official website yesterday: "I have promised to spend eternity together with my best friend and colleague Lee Min Jung by marrying her."

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