New Season of Show Me the Money to Hold Auditions in US: Details

January 27, 2016 at 1:00 pm EDT

Show Me the Dollars! Korea's biggest rap audition series Show Me the Money is coming to America.

Mnet studios announced earlier today that the fifth season of the show will now recruit talent from the US as well as from Korea.

"We will be scaling up this year, so anyone who's a rapper can apply for the first round of Show Me the Money 5, which will be held not only in Korea but the US as well this year," reads a statement.

The forthcoming season looks to be the biggest in the series yet with fans already eagerly awaiting news to find out who will feature as producers and participants.

Show Me the Money will be taking auditions for the series to the US Credit: Mnet

Show Me the Money will be taking auditions for the series to the US
Credit: Mnet

By extending the opportunity to participants from abroad, the show aims to "introduce a more diverse group of talented rappers this season," so audiences can "look forward to increased competition among the rappers."

Last year in season four, rapper Basick took home top prize and set a new benchmark to the show.

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Season five will premier on Mnet in May and auditions will take place from February 1 to March 6. Participants can apply via the official website or Instagram by posting a 15-second video clip with the hashtags #쇼미더머니지원 and #쇼미지원.

More information will be revealed on the show's official site, so watch this space.

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