MBLAQ Deny Bratty Behavior on TV Show: "It's Not True"

June 18, 2013 at 7:00 pm EDT

The MBLAQ boys backstage at the People Searching for Laughter studio in Seoul on June 8Credit: SBS

The MBLAQ boys backstage at the People Searching for Laughter studio in Seoul on June 8
Credit: SBS

MBLAQ have denied claims by comedian Lim Joon Hyuk that they behaved like brats during a filming of SBS comedy sketch show, People Searching for Laughter.

A representative from the boys' agency J.Tune Camp tells IdolWow!: "The members worked harder than ever before, and we're sorry to see them be caught up in such a controversy. They worked hard to cooperate with the comedians even until just before the rehearsal."

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The rep adds: "We thought the MBLAQ members had a good time with the comedians in a happy mood, and we're surprised to see this controversy. It is all not true, but those who have seen the articles and the post will think MBLAQ is rude and thoughtless."

On June 8, Comedian Lim recently commented on his personal blog: "Today was the most difficult recording since starting Rising Star... [MBLAQ] kept saying they couldn't do this, couldn't do that, right up to the moment recording commenced and it was as if they hadn't heard the request to practice to recording or they'd forgotten. Seriously. Behold these superstars."

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The TV star went on to compare MBLAQ's worth ethics with rival group 2PM's work ethics, but did offer a positive remark about one band member. "G.O worked really hard," he wrote.

Since posting his controversial comments, Lim has deleted his original post.

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