MBLAQ Admit: "We Don't Go to Clubs to Meet Girls, It's Not Fun"

June 10, 2013 at 12:00 pm EDT

The boys of idol group MBLAQ have confessed they don't enjoy going to clubs to meet members of the fairer sex in a recent interview.

The discussion of clubbing and meeting girls comes alongside the band’s recent latest music video "Smoky Girl" in which the boys bring their game to the settings of a swanky club. However, in an interview with enewsWorld the single boys explain their reality couldn't be further away.

"We really don’t go to clubs," member G.O, 25, explained. "It’s not fun, to be honest."

MBLAQ prefer to meet girls outside of the girlCredit: J.Tune Camp

MBLAQ prefer to meet girls outside of the club
Credit: J.Tune Camp

Group leader Seungho, 25, added: "If we want to drink, we can just buy soju and drink it at home. If we want to dance, we can just dance in the rehearsal room."

Thunder, 22, warned any girls expecting to meet them one night: "You can wait at the hottest club for 365 days, and we won’t be there."

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Instead, the boys suggested that their potential prospects could be met in a variety of other places such as messenger applications and online games. A very candid Mir, 22, added: "To be honest, we don’t meet a lot of girls. We like to play with each other."

Tell us: Where do you think is the best place to meet the opposite sex?

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