Making a Difference: Dal Shabet Help Disabled by Volunteering at Goodwill Store: Pics

November 14, 2014 at 4:00 pm EDT

Spreading good cheer! Dal Shabet warmed hearts through their volunteer work at a local Goodwill charity shop.

On Wednesday, November 12, the six-member girl made a private visit helped out Miral Welfare Foundation's Goodwill store in Songpa, which provides jobs for disabled workers.

Working together with the Goodwill employees, the Dal Shabet ladies helped out with the store’s daily tasks and activities, beginning with organizing and cleaning goods local people donate to the charity.

Dal Shabet wasted no time helping out in the charity’s Goodwill store in Songpa — Woohee and Subin assisted with checking out customers
Credit: Miral Welfare Foundation

The "Big Baby Baby" singers also each brought personal items to give the shop and pledged to continue making donations in the future.

"We think that it's a good aim to have people donate goods in order to create more jobs for the disabled," the group said in a statement. "We hope that many citizens will donate to Goodwill and utilize it."

After preparing donated items, Woohee, 22, and Subin, 20, assisted with checking out customers, while Serri, 24, and Ga Eun, 22, arranged new items on the shelves and helped out browsing shoppers.

Jiyul, 23, spent time by herself working in the store’s café with a disabled barista making drinks for visitors.

Band member Jiyul, top left, worked closely at the shop’s cafeteria with handicapped worker
Credit: Miral Welfare Foundation

Aside from their store duties, the ladies surprised store guests with autographs and spending a lot of time personally interacting with shoppers and fans.

The Goodwill store’s manager later commented, "We saw a big increase in the sales of the store and the café. I hope that with the Dal Shabet members’ participation, our society’s donating culture can be expanded, creating more jobs for disabled people."

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Dal Shabet been regular volunteers with the Miral Welfare Foundation. Charity spokesman Park Dong Il says of the group, "The honorary ambassadors Dal Shabet have been consistently volunteering with the Miral Welfare Foundation. We're grateful that they worked with the disabled workers to share beautifully by empathizing with Goodwill’s object of providing opportunities, instead of charity."

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