Love it or Hate it? — Lovelyz Release Debut Music Video, "Good Night Like Yesterday"

November 10, 2014 at 5:00 pm EDT

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Woollim Entertainment finally debuted their newest girl group Lovelyz today, with the release of their first music video, "Good Night Like Yesterday."

The eight young Lovelyz members look sweet and innocent dressed in all white wearing matching flower accessories as they sing the emotional ballad.

Label mate Sungkyu from Infinite also lends his support for the girls by making an appearance in the video.

The video was shot against simple backgrounds with pretty outfit and a fall feel
Credit: Woollim Entertainment

The song was written by singer-songwriter Yoonsang, who has penned hits for artists such as IU and Gain. When describing his work on the new group’s debut project, he explained, "There are so many ballads in the world to make them common, but I worked hard to express the emotions felt during a first separation for young girls like Lovelyz."

The girls have already faced a somewhat rocky debut to the music scene, with trolls hitting out at the group online and even starting rumors about member Jisoo on Twitter. Some tweets even included screen shots of messages Jisoo, 20, supposedly sent in which she insults her band mates.

Although simplistic, the video does perfect justice to the sweet ballad
Credit: Woollim Entertainment

"False rumors about Lovelyz member Seo Jisoo are circulating on the Internet, and we will be requesting an official investigation to find and punish the poster and the spreader," says a rep. "As the false rumors are regarding a member right before her debut, Woollim Entertainment will be taking strong action and there will be no lawsuit cancellation or settlement."

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Meanwhile, Lovelyz will hold a debut showcase on Wednesday, November 12, at Seoul’s Olympic Park prior to the album’s release on November 17.

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