"Little PSY" Releases Hilarious "Gentleman" Parody Video: See it

April 24, 2013 at 1:00 pm EDT

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"Little PSY" Hwang Min Woo – the eccentric kid who shot to fame dancing in the beginning of PSY’s "Gangnam Style" music video – has released a hilarious parody of "Gentlemen".

The video, which excludes the adult themes from the original, features several celeb cameos including boy band B1A4's CNU (aka Shin Dong Woo), rookie group OFFROAD, comedienne Nancy, and Kim Gura's 15-year-old son Kim Dong Hyun.

"Little PSY" masters the "arrogant dance" in his comedy cover of "Gentleman"Credit: YouTube

"Little PSY" masters the "arrogant dance" in his comedy cover of "Gentleman"
Credit: YouTube

Although only eight-years-old, the K-pop wunderkind claims he has the edge over PSY, declaring himself "cuter and better looking". But despite smack-talk, Hwang says he looks up to the 35-year-old rapper. On April 23 he tweeted: "I did a parody of Uncle PSY’s 'Gentleman'. Uncle PSY, I hope you get 10 billion views! Uncle PSY fighting! I'm cheering for you!"

Hwang was originally spotted on Korea’s Got Talent by PSY himself, who then cast the boy to feature in his YouTube hit. He says of his interest in showbiz: "I started dancing when I was three-years-old - ever since I could walk properly... Now I have my own album, which will be out soon. It's called 'Showtime'. It's a fun dance album and you should check it out."

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