Lee Seung Gi: "2 Days & 1 Night Was My Hardest Show"

December 24, 2012 at 9:00 pm EDT

Lee Seung GiCredit: @star1

Lee Seung Gi
Credit: Courtesy of @star1

Lee Seung Gi has admitted that working on 2 Days & 1 Night was his hardest variety show experience yet.

The singer and actor, who never fails to charm during his TV appearances, says that the tough on-the-road concept the show follows took its toll during his time filming the first season.

In an interview with the January issue of @star1, the 25-year-old says: "All variety shows I’ve appeared on are difficult but memorable, however the hardest one was 2 Days & 1 Night.

"The show was so popular all over the country, so the cast felt a lot of responsibility [to deliver]. Many things quickly changed on the show, so I had to be a member of the cast, a player, and a director. I often watch the second season of the show, and it seems to have changed a little bit. I think season one was harder.”

The singer and actor also opened up to the fashion magazine about his infamous 'umchinah' reputation (which is a Korean word to describe 'my mother's friend's son' - the elusive child a mother often compares her son or daughter to, but you never actually meet).

"The umchinah reputation for me isn't frustrating," he laughs. "I have no plans to purposefully go about changing. I never purposefully set out to develop [that] image. I just simply show how I really am."

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