MBLAQ Lee Joon Pens Angry Blog, Unhappy With Career

January 23, 2013 at 8:00 am EDT

Lee Joon at Incheon International Airport in Seoul on June 22, 2012Credit: Dispatch Images

Lee Joon at Incheon International Airport in Seoul on June 22, 2012
Credit: Dispatch Images

MBLAQ star Lee Joon has told of his unhappiness and career frustrations in an intimiate blog post.

The singer, without permission from his management, opened up on his band's official online 'fancafe' to share his personal thoughts with users.

"Am I a robot?" he wrote. "Who do I keep doing this for...? I've had enough and I have opinions, too."

Without giving too much away, he asked: "Has anyone genuinely apologised [to me]? I feel sorry for fooling people in an obvious way, but I'm human so I can't act out lies that are obvious."

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Although he soon deleted the post, it wasn't long before fans began to react, worrying for the 24-year-old's state of mind.

A rep for Lee at J.Tune Camp says the company takes blame for his recent outburst, explaining: "The note uploaded on the official fansite was written by Lee. He is very busy and wanted to seek a compromise with us.

"We weren't able to do a good job listening to and responding to his needs. Lee wanted to give the public better quality performances. But since he got so tired physically and mentally, he ended up expressing his emotions carelessly."

They continued: "We were a little puzzled but we can understand him as our family member. We will do our best for Lee so that he can do his work sincerely in good condition."

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Lee has had an extremely busy schedule recently, with variety shows, roles in the movie Actor is an Actor and TV drama Iris 2, a well as recording new music and performing overseas with MBLAQ.

A source tells IdolWow!: "His agency will give him more time in his schedule. It was getting silly and he was just burning the candle at both ends.

"He's not in trouble for this letter, but he regrets being so public about it."


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