Lee Dong Gun Opens Up About Girlfriend Jiyeon, Talks "Love" -- Read His Emotional Letter

July 9, 2015 at 12:30 pm EDT

Actor Lee Dong Gun has officially confirmed his relationship with T-ara’s Jiyeon in an emotional declaration of love.

After both party’s agencies confirmed rumors that the pair were dating, 34-year-old screen star Lee took to his official fan site to offer his heart’s words about his 22-year-old idol girlfriend.

In the romantic letter, he also apologized to fans for not revealing the news himself, instead leaving them to find out via the press.

Lee Dong Gun has penned an emotional letter declaring his love for Jiyeon (picked on set together in May) Credit: Weibo

Lee Dong Gun has penned an emotional letter declaring his love for Jiyeon (picked on set together in May)
Credit: Weibo

The gallantly wrote about their relationship, "We [will] probably be looked upon in many different ways... But what is clear, is that I am not affected by such others and I will protect this girl."

Lee and Jiyeon fell for each other while filming Encounter overseas in May, spending most of their time on a Royal Caribbean ship as they cruised across Europe, stopping off to film at different destinations in Greece, Italy, Dubai and Spain.

They started out as friends but, despite the 12-year age gap, soon developed serious feelings for each other.

Read Lee Dong Gun's emotional letter in full below.

Hi. This is Dong Gun.

I don't even know how many months it has been since I left Korea^^

I’m in the midst of filming a drama in Shanghai
We’re about a third of the way down but still a long way to go

I have ultimately succumbed
to the remarkable force of SNS…
I am first of all so sorry
that you had to hear of such a significant event through the news

Jiyeon and I are slowly getting to know each other.
While she is a lot younger than I,
she is a wise and careful person
such that I do not feel an age gap
and that I can lean on her strength
As you all know I still haven’t fully matured kk

Our relationship will probably be looked upon
in many different ways
Even fans may often become concerned or become doubtful
upon hearing those words

But what is clear,
is that I am not affected by such others
and I will protect this girl.

Be with me. Please be on our side.
There actually aren’t that many people on our side^^
You’ve all stayed solidly beside me
so I beg without hesitation

I have waited long for the arrival of this person. This Love.
I believe and have no doubt that we have met through fate.

I will do well so please trust me and watch over me.

p.s. Wishing only for happiness… for all of us.

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