Kim Tae Woo expecting second child this year!

December 25, 2012 at 12:30 pm EDT


Kim Tae WooCredit: Twitter

Kim Tae Woo
Credit: Twitter

Kim Tae Woo had exciting news to share with his fans on Tuesday December 25 - he's expecting another baby!

The 31-year-old and wife Kim Aeri, 30, only just welcomed their first child, a girl, in April, but Woo was thrilled to announce their surprise news during an emotional concert interlude in Seoul.

"So… I'm making the first announcement here today," he told audience members after performing a cover of 2AM's This Song at his joint Two Man Show concert with Bobby Kim. "My agency CEO and I were the only ones who knew of my wife's second pregnancy. I'm making the first announcement here today."

Before beginning his solo stage, the singer admitted he regretted how he treated his wife before their wedding. "It has been a year since I got married, but I never properly proposed [to my wife]," he said. "I always used being busy as an excuse and I didn't take care of her."

But the former g.o.d. band member only has good things to say about Aeri, who attended the Samsung Coex show: "It doesn't matter whether it will be a boy or a girl. Since our first daughter takes after me, I hope our second will take after my wife."


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