Kim Jae Won Announces Engagement and Baby News: Details

June 4, 2013 at 6:00 pm EDT

Kim Jae Won celebrates at the 2012 Drama Awards on December 30, 2012Credit: Song Hyo Jin/Dispatch Images

Kim Jae Won celebrates at the 2012 Drama Awards on December 30, 2012
Credit: Song Hyo Jin/Dispatch Images

Husband, wife and baby makes three! Kim Jae Won is engaged and expecting his first baby, IdolWow! has confirmed.

"Kim Jae Won's bride-to-be is currently three months pregnant," says a rep for the actor. "He is very happy about the news but would like to keep the identity of his partner private."

Earlier today, the 32-year-old revealed to readers of his fan site that he was engaged to his childhood sweetheart. "On June 28 I will be marrying my lifelong friend and partner," he wrote. "We were so attached to each other that we decided to get married eight months after dating."

The May Queen drama star also spoke of how the couple's relationship developed. "We had been neighborhood friends before [before we began dating]," he said. "She is a hardworking, diligent, kind and warm beauty... She is an ordinary worker, she is calm yet outgoing, and she understands what I do."

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He went on to apologetically add: "I may be announcing this early, but I considered the need of a family and a stable life in my career as an actor. I'll continue [my career] for many years... I'm very sorry to confuse you with my wedding announcement before the airing of my drama. I'll work hard to become an actor that brings you happiness."

It is reported that the pair are of the same age and have been friends since childhood. Kim's upcoming drama series, Scandal, will premiere on MBC at the end of June.

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