Kang Ji Hwan: "I Did Not Hit My Manager"

January 17, 2013 at 7:30 pm EDT

Kang Ji Hwan at the 2013 World Beauty Expo in Seoul on October 15, 2013Credit: Dispatch Images

Kang Ji Hwan at the 2013 World Beauty Expo in Seoul on October 15, 2013
Credit: Dispatch Images

Actor Kang Ji Hwan has denied cams that he assaulted his manager and mis-treated staff at his former agency.

At a press conference today, the 35-year-old gave his side of the story after damaging reports last year, and a $340,000 USD lawsuit from S Plus Entertainment, claimed that Kwan physically assaulted his manager and behaved unethically towards the director and other staff.

"Last year, there were many reports about this scandal and I felt so frustrated," he said. "If I had said anything at the time, it would have caused even bigger news, so I refrained myself from saying anything.

"I have had no problems with my managers. In fact I still talk to them from time to time. It is unfortunate that people would make up such vicious and false reports.

"If I was guilty in any way, I would not have sued the agency for defamation of character. I would have kept quiet. Their report of physical assault is ludicrous."

He continued: "As for the report of bad behaviour towards a director, it is again false. I still keep in touch with the directors of my past works. In fact, one director has also sent me an encouraging message recently via Twitter.

"I just don’t understand how this rumor started."

Hwan's legal dispute with S Plus Entertainment began in October 2012. The case is yet to be resolved.

Despite his problems, Kang is currently focussed on his work and is filming the lead role in upcoming SBS’s drama Incarnation of Money, which will air its first episode on February 2.


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