Kahi Shows Off Weight Loss in Stunning Wedding Dress: Photo

April 24, 2013 at 4:00 pm EDT

Is former After School member Kahi the next celebrity bride-to-be? The singer and actress has tweeted pics of herself looking elegant in a gorgeous wedding gown.

"Do I look pretty?" she tweeted, teasing fans in a stunning ivory and lace bridal dress.

However, despite the convincing dress, the 32-year-old was just getting ready for a scene.  "This week, I will be appearing on a wedding special for the show Beautiful Days," she explained. "All brides look so beautiful."

Bridal beauty: Kahi recently lost several pounds on a new dietCredit: Twitter

Bridal beauty: Kahi recently lost several pounds on a new diet
Credit: Twitter

With her tiny waist and petite frame visible in the picture, the Dream High 2 shows off the results of a diet she started last month. "I need to begin dieting," she tweeted on March 31, alongside a photo of fruit, granola, yogurt and raw veggies. I will make healthy food choices and maintain a slim figure... Energize, energize, energize with yogurt."

Kahi will be joined by singer Son Dam Bi for a special episode of Beautiful Days, which airs every Thursday on MBC.



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